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About Us

Behind The Scenes

Hi, I'm Sharon. Owner & Creator of Hey Jude Handmade. Wife, mother of two (Jude, 11 and Addison, 9) and step mum to two teens.

When I'm not stalking this beautiful stretch of coast we call home in Madora Bay, Western Australia you'll likely find me at my work bench swooning over glorious piles of fabrics, oohing and ahhing as stunning designs come together - or as the kids would say "Mummy's making earrings"

These little cherubs are a big part of the why HEY JUDE Handmade came to be. A few years ago when looking to re-join the workforce, my husband and I agreed that finding something flexible to work with and around our family life would be ideal. Having had a life long love of everything Arts and Crafts, it was no surprise my thoughts always came back to starting my own creative business. 

As a child I was regularly in tow with my mum to the local Art and Crafts Centre. Pottery, ceramics, you name it, I was dabbling in it. Leatherwork was a particular favourite. Many a weekend would pass with me toiling over my own creations, pattern making and sewing clothes. I recall a particular pair of shorts I wore regularly with pride - they weren't great! Haha..but slightly more successful than my cake recipe experiments!

Why textile jewellery? Many many moons ago while holidaying, I recalled seeing an example of a fabric covered button earring and thinking it was the most perfect, unique little accessory I had ever seen and this type of jewellery could lend itself to infinite possibilities and styles. 

So in 2016, I began my creative journey with my first born, Jude, providing the naming inspiration - HEY JUDE came to fruition.  


  What can you expect from HEY JUDE?

Unique and relaxed jewellery designs showcasing the beauty of textiles and colour, offering everything from 'bold statement' to 'everyday' wear.      

Simple and stylish designs, for those who love a minimal-chic look, a good dose of boho and vintage inspired pieces, and original, out of the box designs!    

Rich textures are the order of the day. Lots of linens, leatherettes & denims, in a mix of soft-cool and warm earthy-vibrant palettes, with a smattering of floral prints. Mixed medium pairings that offer a fresh take on textile jewellery.      

I hope you find something that speaks to you!